HELP Clean Water

News Release: HELP Clean Water – $176 Million Infrastructure Initiative Successfully Completed

March 9, 2018

Huron-Elgin-London Project Clean Water

2018 marks the successful conclusion of 14 years of planning, financing, construction and implementation of the Huron-Elgin-London Project Clean Water (HELP Clean Water), a unique regional infrastructure program designed to meet the clean water needs of more than 500,000 people living and working in Southwestern Ontario between the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

The greater London region of southwestern Ontario is served by two water supply systems; the Lake Huron water supply system and the Elgin Area water supply system, each with a water treatment plant located on the shores of the two Great Lakes. Each water supply system is governed by a Board whose members are appointed by the 15 municipalities served by the two water systems. The City of London, which receives its treated drinking water from the two regional water systems, has members on both Boards of Management.

In 2004 the Boards of Management for the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System and the Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System, along with the City of London, developed plans for a multi-year, multi-million dollar regional infrastructure program that would ensure for the entire region a plentiful, safe and secure supply of clean water for years to come. The program was named Huron-Elgin-London Project Clean Water (HELP Clean Water). A collaborative approach to region-wide infrastructure investments involving multiple local municipalities, the Water Boards, and senior levels of government.

In the name of the regional collective, HELP Clean Water applied for funding as one regional partnership under the capital infrastructure renewal programs offered by the two senior levels of government. In 2007/2008 the governments of Canada and Ontario each committed $50 million to the projected multi-million dollar cost of HELP Clean Water under the Building Canada Fund – Major Infrastructure component.

HELP Clean Water is comprised of eight project components that include upgrades to the two water treatment plants, a new reservoir and pumping station, and upgrades to the water transmission systems that supply the region’s municipalities, totaling more than $176 million in new and upgraded infrastructure for the region:

  1. Southeast Reservoir and Pumping Station, and Upgrades to the Elgin Middlesex Pumping Station
  2. Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Emergency Backup Generators
  3. Residuals Management Facility at Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant
  4. Lake Huron Primary Transmission Pipeline Twinning
  5. Residuals Management Facility at Elgin Area Water Treatment Plant
  6. Elgin Area Primary Transmission Pipeline Twinning
  7. Lake Huron Primary Transmission Pipeline – Acoustic Fibre Optic Monitoring System
  8. Elgin Area Water Treatment Plant Filtration System Replacement

Regional/local benefits of HELP Clean Water:
 Sustainable and reliable supply of clean drinking water
 Capacity for future growth
 Support local and regional economic development
 Reduced reliance on groundwater supplies
 Enhanced reliability with full emergency power capacity
 Increased emergency storage of water